When designing a monument there are many options to choose from. Aside from selecting the granite color and size/shape of the monument there are a variety of accents that can be added, such as, vases, porcelain photos, laser etchings, and hero emblems.
  Accents You Can Add


Vases can be added to the monument when set as a headstone. To learn more and view the different options please visit the Vases page.

Memorial Monuments

Porcelain Photos

A Porcelain photo can be inlaid in the monument. There are a variety of shapes and sizes. To view more examples visit the Porcelain Photos page.

Memorial Monuments

Granite Color

We provide a variety of granite color options. To view all our stock and non-stock granite colors please visit the Granite Colors page.

Memorial Monuments

Hero Emblems

Hero emblems are bronze medallions that are available for all major branches of military or civil profession signifying service to others. View All.

Memorial Monuments

Laser Etchings

A Laser etching can be added to any black granite monument. To view more examples visit the Laser Etchings page.

Memorial Monuments

VA Bronze Medallions

VA Bronze Medallions or plaques can be attached to any monument. (Available sizes 1.5", 3", or 5")

Memorial Monuments
  Things We Can Do

Shape Carving

Memorial Monuments can provide shape carving, which is a process where artwork is cut deeper into the granite to help add dimension and movement.

Memorial Monuments


Memorial Monuments can carve and model granite to create three-dimensional sculptures, bringing life and movement to the monument. To View more examples of Scultped monuments go to custom monuments.

Memorial Monuments

Special Art

If our stock selection of artwork does not include all you need, we have artists who can draw custom art for you.

Memorial Monuments

Shadowing and Highlighting/Coloring

Artwork on the monument can be shadowed and highlighted with paint to help add dimension. Scenes and flowers can be painted with color to add a beautiful touch.

Memorial Monuments